Ensuring A Powerful Listing

Last modified: February 11, 2016

The importance of having a powerful listing the moment it is published cannot be overstated. The moment I submit your listing to real estate web sites, post cards, and emails, it is broadcast to potential buyers, buyer's agents, and other real estate agents with competing listings. Potential purchasers often review the pictures and videos of your home first thing. Remember the idea of curb appeal? Think about that on the Internet where someone can enlarge and investigate the images of you home for as long as they choose. The images that these good folks see when they first look at your home will leave a lasting impression that will significantly drive their decision to even consider looking further at your home. We want that impression to be as positive as possible.

As a result, I stipulate in my listing agreements that any and all marketing materials including but not limited to the publishing of listings on websites, via post cards, and email will only occur after the home has been prepared in accordance with our negotiated marketing strategy.