I offer a set of Internet services to make your real estate transactions convenient and stress free.

Searching For Your Next Real Estate Purchase

ShearerVAHomes primary function is to enable you to search for homes for sale in Northern Virginia, save your searches, and receive email updates periodically. Just click on "Search" tab in the upper left corner.

You can customize your search and you can have me help narrow the search results to homes that fit your investment goals. Learn how to customize your search by watching this video.

E-Sign & Document Coordination

Whether you are a busy professional, care giver, or international client, I use a comprehensive set to tools to provide e-signature and document coordination. My tools include DotLoop.com which I use as my preferred architecture. Whether you’re on the road or the beach, you can get your deals done with dotloop for iOS and Android.

I also use DocuSign for certain specialty document processing requirements.

Online Meetings and Video Tours

With the advent of mobile phone apps that provide video conferencing tools, I can provide video conferencing on your preferred architecture in minutes. I also provide a professional grade conferencing and webinar service through Zoom. If I am in my office working on my computer, I am ready to accept your request for a video conference.

Video home tours take more coordination effort than video conferencing. When you request a video tour, please be aware that I have to coordinate with the home owner through the listing agent. So it is best if you give me 2 or 3 times when you are available. It is winter here in Northern Virginia so the only times I will conduct a video tour are between the hours of 8 AM and 5 PM eastern. I do not provide video tours during open house hours.

To provide for efficient scheduling, I publish my calendar online. Check it against yours then give me a call at (703) 615-6997, text me at that same number, or send an email to Jeff@ShearerVAHomes.com.

World Wide Listings

I know, many of you are asking why I am even discussing world wide real estate listings in the age of the Internet. Why? I looked to see what listings looked like in countries where many investors live who would like to buy a home in northern Virginia. Have you? More importantly, has your listing agent?

Yes, the address was there. Yes, the price was there. But often there were no pictures and the narrative had been rewritten such that the unique features of the homes were missing. It is these unique features that attract buyers and often set off one home from the rest of the competitors.

I also noted that the few times when the narrative discussed the unique features of the home, there were little or no discussion of the features that attract foreign buyers. It is only logical that a person who is coming from a different country and culture is attracted by different features than local buyers. I understand how to market overseas. Does your listing agent? Have you asked your listing agent? Please ask me.