Volunteer Driver Helping Seniors

I am a volunteer driver helping seniors to continue to live independently in their own homes by driving them to various appointments. The Shepherd’s Center of Annandale Springfield is a non-profit interfaith organization sponsored by area congregations and community groups to serve seniors 50+ in the Annandale and Springfield areas of Northern Virginia.

Fairfax County Volunteer CERT Member

I have just started working with the Fairfax County Community Emergency Response Team (CERT). I will be starting my hands-on training this August. CERT prepares regular citizens to safely help themselves, their families, and their communities during major emergencies where first responders are delayed. CERTs deploy only during major disasters of such large scale that regular emergency services are overwhelmed (for example, earthquakes or major storms that produce mass casualties), and only to help their neighborhoods and local communities.

Helping Seniors Stay Home Longer

I am working with AARP's HomeFit Program. Homes in America are not currently designed and built to accommodate everyone in the household throughout their changing lives and life stages. With the boomer population in America continuing to grow and indicating a strong desire to stay in their homes, the need for more livable, age-friendlier home design becomes increasingly important. I am helping educate senior family members about the often small changes they can make to stay in their home longer.